My name is Hernán Huarache Mamani, I am a Quechua speaking Indian born in Chivay, a village in the Peruvian Andes. At the age of eleven, looking for personal development, I moved to the city to do my studies without my parents’ financial support because they were very poor. I did everything I could to survive in a city where racial discrimination prevailed, not enough job opportunities were available and, above all, no social assistance was offered to economical disadvantaged students. Thus, I studied during the day and worked at night. I graduated in economy and foreign languages. I then completed my postgraduate studies trying to constantly update in order to earn more money and thus being able to support my parents and brothers. In this regard, I can say that I did my duty. I worked as an economist for almost 5 years and, because of an illness that a shaman cured, I made a turning point in my life trying to find my spiritual roots, buried by the western culture influence, and teaching the ancient Peruvian culture. In 1975 I founded the Native Andean Culture Institute where I reunited the few people that defended the culture of our ancestors. In order to finance the research in the field of the Andean culture, I started to give seminars first in Peru and then abroad, thus earning the necessary funds. Thanks to the research we carried out, many discoveries were made which we will be able to communicate to the whole world in the future. Unfortunately, at the end of 1989 this institute that I founded was not appreciated by the politics of the Peruvian Government and since then we have been under close surveillance by the police. For this reason we closed the institute and we had to interrupt our research. While I was advancing with my research on this ancient culture, I came into contact with a group of Andean wise men who lived in the anonymity and so I found one of them willing to guide me in this difficult road to find myself. Thanks to my spiritual guide’s advice, I arrived in Europe to talk and write about this spirituality. Thus, books have been published which have caused a spiritual awakening to the people who have read them. With most of the profits gained with these books, I created a new school with a different pedagogical approach in order to prepare the future citizens for a world of peace, justice and understanding; it is called the School of Life and Peace. The first steps have been made in the city of Arequipa, but my hope is that schools like this operating one can be established in other cities in Peru and in the world. So far we have managed to support the kindergarten, the primary school and we are now starting with the secondary school and High school. Our main goal is to finally create a new educational institution that we will call the University of Life and Peace. This project is very dear to me because I believe that if we want a better world we must head for an education system that can create a different society from the current one. We want to maintain the respect for the earth and for the life. As conscious human beings we are aware that only by passing to the action and by joining efforts, and, above all, by demonstrating love we can save this planet from its destruction and pollution. To carry on this project, I have not requested financial support to any official institution because I want to maintain my own independency. Unfortunately, in order to do this I need the help of women and men with a big heart who can support this idea. So far we have managed to continue this project thanks to the royalties of my books. However, if we want to create the university more funds will be needed and this can only happen with more readers, so that we can spread around the spiritual knowledge of the Peruvian people. For this reason, if my words have resonated in your heart I kindly ask your support and help to extend the diffusion of my manuscripts. With peace and love Hernán Huarache Mamani