On the way to the Cosmos

The 20th October 2016.

Dear friends,
this morning Hernan left his body and his earthly life to embark on a journey to the Cosmos.

He has long fought like a warrior with an umparalleled spiritual and physical strength despite being aware that he no longer had the energy of a twenty-year-old, managing to stand up again and again when hit.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happened. Little by little his pain started to hit harder and harder; he realized that, no matter how strong a warrior is, he cannot win every battle.

He left with the serenity and calm that only great Masters have, embraced by his family – some right next to him and some from faraway.

Many of you know him thanks to the books he wrote, where he transmitted messages of light and love. And he really was like that: light and love.

The innocence and curiosity in the eyes of a child, the sincere and authentic smile of someone who does not wear a mask, and the big heart of those who love and respect.

A man so generous to leave his Ancestor’s land to come to Europe, in order to bring his message through books and seminars. A man so generous that he spent most of his life helping those in need. A man so generous as to found and fund “the School of Life and Peace”.

A man so brave as to come to Europe to talk about the taboo of sexuality and the female power.

A man of infinite humility, full of ideals and altruistic projects expressed in a simple and clear way.

A man who still wanted to live, because he felt he had not yet finished his spiritual duty, and perhaps it is up to us to carry it out.

A great man, and those who knew him know it.

As a family he was this and much more. Every moment spent with him was a privilege for us.
Now we are ready to acompany him toward his new adventure.

Thank you,

his family.