On the top of the Andes , a curandero is looking for the last healers of the soul and the body.
Men and women of extraordinary competence, the curanderos still receive today in the mountain villages thousands of patients, and from generations they hand down the ancient secrets of the Peruvian medicine. A fascinating journey on the footsteps of a civilisation that has struggled to preserve itself, and that its precious treasure and tradition cannot get lost.

The curanderos are not just doctors as we know them in Western countries. Their approach to the pathologies suggests indeed the use of remedies and medicinal herbs, but above all it helps the patient to look at himself and to identify his own personal healing way.

The most famous curanderos, who live in inaccessible places, transmit a vast medicinal knowledge to few disciples. Their competence is such that few of them still receive today, from all over the world. Thousands of sick persons, also in the terminal phase, prefer the help of these specialists instead of going through the long channels at the sophisticated modern hospitals.span>

In his well-documented research, Hernán Huarache Mamani restores the dignity of these figures who since time immemorial embody the art of “taking care of himself” and of which modernity cannot do without it.